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  • East Midlands Council Feeds: The Impact of International Migration on the East Midlands
    East Midlands Councils (EMC) today launched a major report on the impact of international migration on the East Midlands. The report, entitled ‘The Impact of International Migration on the East Midlands’ makes use of official data and analysis commissioned from Nottingham Trent University. It concludes that international...
  • East Midlands Council Feeds: EMC Annual Report 2013-14
    Welcome to the EMC Annual Report for 2013-14; highlighting the work undertaken by EMC in delivering the priorities of our membership; the completion of a review into the impact of welfare reform in the East Midlands, the publication of a joint prospectus highlighting regional investment and growth opportunities; alongside detail on the core...
  • East Midlands Council Feeds: The Impact of International Migration in the East Midlands
    The East Midlands All Party Parliamentary Group (EM-APPG) supported by East Midlands Councils held a meeting at Westminster on Monday 9 June to consider the nature and patterns of international migration in the region, highlight the specific challenges facing communities and public service providers and to highlight a number of recommendations...

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